St Petersburg Suggested Itineraries

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Unlike Moscow's red bricks and onion domes, St Petersburg's network of canals and Baroque and Neoclassical architecture give the city a European flavor. Get a taste for this sophisticated city with this three-day itinerary.
Day 1: Grand Beginnings

The perfect way to get to know this intriguing city is to take a private Grand Tour of St Petersburg. This tour gives you the opportunity to take in a good chunk of the city in a day's sightseeing. Take in St Petersburg's most famous sites from the comfort of a car or mini van, and discover the city with the help of a knowledgeable and experienced guide. You can combine this trip with a tour of the fascinating Peter and Paul Fortress or, if you prefer fancy to fortress, team up your Grand Tour with a trip to the world-famous Hermitage Museum, the second largest art museum in the world and the main tourist attraction of St Petersburg.

Day 2: Pushkin and Peterhof

Ready to see something truly breathtaking? Yes, it's time to see the famous Amber Room. On a private tour of Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo) and Catherine Palace, you will be chauffeured to the town of Pushkin to visit the magnificent summer residence of the Russian tsars - Catherine Palace. Within these Baroque walls, you'll see the Amber Room, considered to be one of the world's wonders. Alternatively you could spend the afternoon exploring Peterhof, St. Petersburg's most famous and spectacular Imperial estate, parts of which are called the 'Russian Versailles'!

Spend the evening getting right into the Russian spirit with a folklore show and Russian buffet dinner. The 'Feel Yourself Russian' show includes traditional dance and music from Russia's history, presented in a delightfully unique way.

Day 3: Day Trip to Moscow

If you're strapped for time on your visit to Russia, take advantage by taking a day trip to Moscow and joining a city tour. It will cover all of the highlights, including Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin and more, complemented by expert commentary from a professional guide.
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