Coffee Pot Bayou (Old Northeast)

Coffee Pot Bayou and the Old Northeast is one of St. Pete’s most historic neighborhoods. With attractions like the North Shore Aquatic Complex and Gizella Kopsick Palm Arboretum and a string of parks and recreations opportunities, Coffee Pot Bayou is a not-to-miss spot in St. Pete. For wildlife watchers, it’s worth noting Coffee Pot Park is a gathering spot for manatees during the coolers winter months as well as turtles, egrets, herons and the occasional dolphin. With a well-maintained sidewalk running along the bayou, it’s a great place for a stroll, affording fantastic views, opportunities for fishing, access to a small beach and comfortable benches if you need a rest. Also found in Coffee Pot Bayou is the Snell Isle Bridge, which is a very picturesque, often photographed, and often painted landmark in St. Petersburg.

Practical Info

Access to Coffee Pot Bayou is easy on the two-mile walking and bike path that starts in downtown St. Petersburg and follows the edge of Tampa Bay before entering the Bayou. 
Adresse: St Petersburg, Florida, USA
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