St Augustine Old Jail

Don't let the friendly pink stucco exterior fool you. Although this building might look like an old-fashioned luxury resort, it actually is home to one of the most feared places in all of St. Augustine- the St. John's County Jail. Known today simply as "Old Jail," the building now offers tours for you to see how some of Florida's toughest fugitives lived while locked away. Built in 1891, the jail housed prisoners until 1953, when it was opened to the public for tours.

Your tour will be led by the local deputy, a costumed actor who relays some of the jail's storied history. This is your opportunity to climb into a maximum security cell, see the sheriff's house next door, or look at old weapons used in the early 20th century. You can even see the gallows in the backyard where prisoners were executed. At the end of the tour, try and outwit the deputies and escape from Old Jail!

Old Jail is located in downtown St. Augustine.

Adresse: 167 San Marco Ave., St. Augustine 32084, USA
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