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Dover Castle

An imposing fortress looming above the famous White Cliffs of Dover, Dover Castle is not only one of England’s largest and oldest medieval castles, but one of its most strategically important, standing guard over the narrowest point of the English Channel and the first line of defense against mainland Europe.

Although built by William the Conqueror in 1066, Dover Castle actually has a much longer legacy, preceded by an Anglo-Saxon fort and a Roman lighthouse, and seeing battle several times throughout its reign. Visitors can climb the 12th-century Great Tower, walk the battlements, view the ruins of the ancient Roman lighthouse, and even explore the warren of secret wartime tunnels that burrow beneath the castle. There’s also the Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment Museum and a series of exhibitions, where you’ll discover life in the royal court of King Henry II, learn about how the castle was used as a hospital during WWII and relive the horrors of the Siege of 1216.

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Dagstur fra London til Leeds Castle, klippene ved Dover og Canterbury med guidet tur i katedralen

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Kom deg vekk fra kjas og mas i London en hel dag, og reis til den engelske landsbygda for å få med deg en tur til Leeds Castle, Canterbury-katedralen ...  Mer informasjon

  • Sted: London, Storbritannia
  • Varighet: 10 timer
  • Språk: Engelsk
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