Podsreda Castle

Built in the first half of the 12th Century Podsreda Castle is a classic example of traditional Romanesque architecture. Though this iconic hillside structure fell into disrepair during World War II, exhaustive renovations have since taken place in an effort to restore Podsreda to its original splendor.

Travelers can tour the grounds, which are tucked into a rustic mountain slope that overlooks the quiet, picturesque township that shares the same name. Well-kept gardens, towering white columns, impressive double windows and decrepit remains of original interior paintings are just some of the highlights of a visit to this whimsical destination. Travelers who tour the grounds during summer months are likely to stumble upon wedding ceremonies, too, since the castle serves as a popular romantic backdrop to exchanging vows.

Practical Info

The Castle is located in the Savinjska region in Kozjanski Park. It is open year-round and travelers can tour the place with expert guides or on their own. 
Adresse: Podsreda, Slovenia
Åpningstider: Open year round.
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