Tiong Bahru

Singapore is home to culture, fashion and style. No place is this more evident than on the streets of its hippest suburb, Tiong Bahru. This former housing complex was constructed in the 1930s. Early on, it was notoriously known for the wealthy businessmen kept their mistresses tucked away in the quiet estate. Today, Tiong Bahru attracts a diverse lot of residence who call the art deco building with rounded terraces home. Old folks wander into the streets as the sun rises and by dusk, youthful professionals are heading out to enjoy the lively nightlife scene here.

Specialty shops that showcase quirky items and designer fashions make this suburban neighborhood a destination for locals (and travelers!) seeking to update their style with something unique and one-of-a-kind. And those in search of some serious eats will find food carts, restaurants and lively coffee shops that offer up tasty local cuisine, as well as the opportunity to interact with Tiong Bahru’s stylish local set. 

Practical Info

Tiong Bahru is located west of Chinatown. Hungry travelers should check out Por Kee Eating House, known for its ribs and prawns and shoppers will do well to stop at Fleas and Trees, known for its truly unique items.
Adresse: 302 Tiong Bahru Rd., Singapore
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