Cavenagh Bridge

The Cavenagh Bridge, Singapore’s only suspension bridge, was built in 1869 to offer a quicker way of crossing the Singapore River. As one of the oldest bridges in the city, the Cavenagh Bridge is one of Singapore’s most important architectural achievements.

Designed by a British colonial architecture firm, Cavenagh Bridge was actually built in Glasgow, tested, disassembled, shipped to Singapore in pieces and reassembled by convict laborers over the course of a year.

Located in the city’s Colonial District, the elegant pedestrian bridge offers a reminder of Singapore’s colonial past. As you approach the bridge, keep your eyes open for an antiquated police notice warning that no horse- or cattle-drawn vehicles are allowed to pass over. The bridge is particularly beautiful at night, thanks to a series of lights that were added during the 1990s, so consider planning to visit on your way to Boat Quay, Singapore’s nearby dining and nightlife hotspot.
Adresse: Singapore
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