Siem Reap Art Center

The name suggests that the Siem Reap Art Center is a hub of culture and creativity, but travelers agree this popular destination is pretty similar to the Angkor Night Market and other Southeast Asian street fairs. Jam-packed stalls still sell wooden sculptures, handmade paintings and other local crafts, but the vibe is more relaxed and friendly than the nearby Old Market. Sellers are less aggressive, bartering is welcome and browsing is encouraged. 

In addition to traditional Khmer items, visitors to Siem Reap Art Center can also score incredible massages on a serious budget. A 30-minute leg massage will help the weary traveler recoup after a cramped rickshaw ride for about US$3.

Practical Info

The Art Center is located in the eastern part of the Old Market near the river, about five minutes from Pub Street.
Adresse: Hospital Street, Siem Reap, Cambodia, Kambodsja
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