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63 City

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63 City, sometimes also called “the golden tower” or 63 Building, is one of the tallest buildings in Korea and sits on Yeouido Island. One part of the name is true - due to the gold tinted glass, the whole structure tends to glitter in a beautiful rose gold hue during the day. However, the skyscraper only has 60 floors above ground, the remaining three are an underground restricted area. 63 City is anything but an ordinary skyscraper though. Apart from the dazzling views that can be had from the observation deck on the 60th floor, locals and tourists alike will find the inside of the building filled to the brim by a big selection of fun activities and attractions. There are several main attractions inside the buildings, including Sea World, a wax museum, an IMAX theatre, Sky Art and the Fanta-Stick performance. The latter is a Korean music show that takes elements of traditional Korean performance arts and gives them a modern twist.

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