Holy Island

Holy Island is located in Lamlash Bay off the Isle of Arran on Scotland's western coast. The island has a spiritual heritage dating back to the 6th century. Today there is the Centre for World Peace and Health on the north end of the island which has ongoing retreat programs and courses. The center welcomes overnight guests. There is also a closed Buddhist retreat on the south end of the island. There is also a hermit cave from a 6th-century monk and evidence of a 13th-century Christian monastery. 

Some visitors come to Holy Island to learn about meditation, yoga, tai chi, cooking, gardening, and other forms of relaxation. Others come here to enjoy the unspoiled natural scenery as an escape from their every day lives. Parts of the island are divided into natural reserves. Some areas are for birds and animals, while others are set aside for a native tree planting program. Visitors are asked to stay on the pathways.

Practical Info

The closest airport to Holy Island is Glasgow. From there you can take a train to Ardrossan Harbor, the ferry to Arran, a bus to Lamlash, and then the ferry to Holy Island.
Adresse: Scotland, Skottland
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