White Beach

Tucked away on the south coast of Santorini in the next cove to Red Beach, White Beach (Aspri Paralia) is sheltered by soaring chalk-and-grey cliffs and usually accessed by boat from Akrotíri. This minuscule strand is actually composed of coarse black – not white – sand, and liberally peppered with grey and white pebbles as well as massive white volcanic boulders. Underwater caves and rocky formations along the shoreline make the beach an excellent choice for snorkelers.

Thanks to its circlet of overhanging cliffs, White Beach is reasonably isolated and hard to access so is consequently often very quiet, making it a perfect spot for those who love their sunbathing without the crowds. However, there are few facilities except sun beds and parasols for hire, so take water, food and sun tan lotion when visiting.

Practical Info

Take the ferry from Akrotíri harbor to get to White Beach; it is not accessible from inland, but can be reached by a westwards walk and a scramble through the sea from neighboring Red Beach. Always wear shoes when walking on the pebble beach as it can get unbearably hot underfoot. 
Adresse: Santorini, Greece, Hellas
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