Metropolitan Cathedral (Catedral Metropolitana)

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The national cathedral of El Salvador may not offer the same old-world architectural charms—like ornate stone work and detailed religious statues—of its European counterparts, but the iconic white Roman Catholic church is still a stunning monument and homage to San Salvador’s deeply religious roots.

Once the site of a violent massacre where some 40 people were killed during a stampede at the funeral of Archbishop Oscar Romero, today the iconic structure offers a bit of peace and tranquility for visitors to this capital city. The white façade gives way to a colorful interior, where images of the Divine Saviour and a four-column bladcchino bless the main altar. Travelers can spend a moment in quiet contemplation, light a candle, and take in the massive paintings that depict moments in the life of Christ while on a visit to the nation’s most famous cathedral. 
Adresse: Calle Ruben Dario, San Salvador, El Salvador
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