La Calle Loiza

La Calle Loiza has become a destination for travelers in search of authentic Puerto Rican cuisine, local arts and crafts and contemporary Puerto Rican music. Visitors can wander the streets of this eclectic neighborhood and find open galleries, artisan workshops, unique food stalls, live music and even local theater. It’s the heart of San Juan’s cultural scene and alive with energy, sights and smells that provide a full sensory experience unlike any other neighborhood on this tiny island. Whether it’s combing through tiny boutiques in search of rare Puerto Rican finds, tasting some of the vegetarian cuisine that’s made this street a popular destination for foodies, or purchasing some handmade art for friends back at home, La Calle Loiza is the perfect place to spend an afternoon settling in to this country’s rare beauty. 

Practical Info

Historical tours take place one Saturday a month at 10 a.m. In June, kids can participate in free art workshops at the Santa Teresita Academy.
Adresse: La Calle Loiza, San Juan, Puerto Rico
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