Fine Arts Cinema

Offering guests more than just critically acclaimed avant-garde movies, the Fine Arts Cinema also offers a chance to sample some great Puerto Rican fare while watching cutting edge movies in the comfort of a high-backed leather chair. Known throughout San Juan as the premier place to see independent films and grab a great bite to eat, the Fine Arts Cinema is a chance to see some of the best movie-making you’ll never see in the contiguous U.S. Buy a bottle of wine, grab some sushi, and expand your horizon’s with visually compelling storytelling.

Practical Info:

The Fine Arts Cinema and Café is located at 654 Ponce de Leon Avenue in Parada 11. Films shown are typically in their native language with Spanish subtitles. English subtitles are also offered – call ahead to check: (787) 721-4288.
Adresse: 654 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Parada 11, San Juan 00917, Puerto Rico
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