Twin Peaks

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Always boasted as one of the best views in the city, Twin Peaks refers to two hills smack dab in the center of San Francisco. Twin Peaks gives visitors an easily accessible and completely free way to get your bearings on the best of downtown San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and the bay. Great for sunrises, sunsets, picnics, or simply a walk to see all that moves and shakes down below; Twin Peaks is one of San Francisco’s natural delights.

On a clear day you can see for miles. Off to the west lies the bird sanctuary called Fallaron Islands and to the north, the illustrious Golden Gate. Look downtown and spot the bay Bridge and Oakland off in the distance beyond that. Walk to the North Peak (Eureka Peak) and find a tourist vista point named Christmas Tree Point for the trees the early settlers felled there.
Adresse: San Francisco, CA, USA
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