Institute of Texan Cultures

The Institute of Texan Cultures is a museum in San Antonio where visitors can learn about the immigrants who came from around the world to settle in Texas and the cultural heritage that has contributed to the state over the years. The museum is part of the University of Texas San Antonio, and it develops quality resources on topics of cultural heritage as part of the university's community engagement initiatives. Its goal is to develop culture in the arts and humanities in order to expand the community’s awareness and appreciation of Texas. The museum does this with exhibits, programs, and special events. 

Exhibits at the museum cover a wide variety of topics including race, aviation, football, military history, folklore, and perspectives of immigration from several different countries. Festivals celebrate themes of different cultures, such as the Asian Festival and the Texas Folklife Festival. The museum can also be rented out for weddings and other private events. 
Adresse: 801 César E. Chavez Blvd, San Antonio, Texas, USA
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