Stiegl Brauwelt (Stiegl World of Beer)

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The number-one destination of beer lovers, Austria’s most popular brewing exhibition is found Salzburg’s oldest brewery, which was built in 1863, although Stiegl has actually been brewing ever since 1492 and the company remains independent to this day. In medieval times the production of beer was as vital to the growth of Salzburg’ wealth as the mining of salt in the region; a visit to the Stiegl Brauwelt encompasses a whistle-stop tour of the brewing process and the bottling plant as well as highlighting the social impact of brewing on the city. Although guided tours are currently only available in German, all the exhibits in the museum are clearly labeled in other languages, including English, so it is easy to understand the displays.

Tastings following the brewery tour give the chance to sample three of the ales produced here, and soft options are offered for non-drinkers. Time your visit correctly and stay on in the restaurant for lunch or supper to savor traditional Austrian restaurant – spicy sausages, pickles and plenty of horseradish sauce – and try out some of Stiegl’s brews of the month. On sunny days the Stiegl garden is one of the most popular spots in Salzburg, with beer served in clunky gray-and-red steins. There’s also the chance to buy your favorite bottled beer in the museum store at the end of your visit.

Adresse: Bräuhausstrasse 9, Salzburg, Austria, Østerrike
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