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Salzburg Zoo

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Allow at least three hours to explore Salzburg Zoo, opened in 1962 in a dramatic setting adjacent to the Schloss Hellbrunn estate. While not the biggest zoo in Europe, there’s still a lot to pack in: rare white rhinos, hippos and sleek antelopes in the African Savannah enclosure; great scavenging birds of prey, pink flamingos, brown bears, lynx kittens and mischievous monkeys.

There are more than 1,200 animals at the zoo, consisting of some 140 species, including endangered animals. The zoo covers 34.5 acres (14 hectares) and there has been considerable expansion and improvement in the standard of its facilities since 2006, with new enclosures built for wolves, alpacas and rheas, the completion of a petting zoo for kids and the opening of the South America House, featuring tapirs who recently had a baby. Other additions include a new lion house as well as cheetah and jaguar enclosures.

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Zoo Salzburg

Dyrehagen har rundt 1200 dyr og 140 ulike dyrearter. De naturlige uteområdene er på 14 hektar. Her finnes det stumpneshorn, jaguarer, ...  Mer informasjon

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Salzburg-kortet gjør det langt rimeligere å se byens mange severdigheter. Kortet er gyldig i 24, 48 eller 72 timer, og gir deg gratis adgang til mer ...  Mer informasjon

  • Sted: Salzburg, Østerrike
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