Recta de Tin Tin

Part of the ancient network of Incan trails running through northern Argentina, Recta de Tin Tin is a super-straight stretch of road that extends for about 11 miles (18 km) along a seemingly perfectly flat plateau dotted with giant cardón cacti.

Some historians believe that the straight line was created by indigenous populations, which will seem like an incredible feat when you see just how long and straight it really is The road — now paved — passes through Los Cardones National Park, created in 1996 to protect the forest of cacti that covers the high-altitude plateau.

Practical Info

It’s possible to drive along Recta de Tin Tin on the way from Salta to the village of Cachi.
Adresse: Recta de Tin Tin, Salta, Argentina
Åpningstider: Daily
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