Blue Baths

The ornate Blue Baths on the shores of Lake Rotorua blend history, leisure and high society all with anachronistic charm. This art deco, Spanish mission-style building has been masterfully restored to its original splendor from 1933, a time when the thermally heated baths became New Zealand’s first place for “mixed bathing.” The history of baths in this section of Rotorua actually dates to 1885, when men’s-only bath houses to the west of the current site sat by the lakeshore. With the opening of the now-famous Blue Baths, however, the original ones were shuttered, and mixed bathing has become the cultural norm.

Today, you can walk through the Blue Baths interior, tour its small museum and enjoy the sophisticated classical music that serenades from the speakers above. Enjoy high tea on site looking out over the Government Gardens, and if you fancy a dip, purchase a ticket for a relaxing soak in the thermally heated baths. With your muscles relaxed and skin all smooth, stick around for an evening dinner show of live music and dancing, and soak in the glamorous ambience of this historic Rotorua attraction.
Adresse: Queens Drive, Government Gardens, Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand
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