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New Zealand is known for having the world’s highest ratio of sheep population to humans, which currently stands at about nine sheep for every person in the country. For an even greater understanding of New Zealand’s sheep industry, opt for the highly entertaining, hands-on experience found at the Rotorua Agrodome. On this 350-acre working farm just 10 minutes from Rotorua, you can shear a sheep, play with the wool and tour the mill where all of the fluff is spun into fiber and clothing. At the famous Agrodome Farm Show, be amazed at the skill of well-trained sheep dogs as they obediently follow commands and learn fascinating tidbits of sheep trivia in the entertaining, yet educational performance.

More than just the sheep, however, visitors also get a tour of the working rural farm. Lend a hand in milking a cow or bottle-feed a baby goat, and ride around on an all-terrain vehicle through the heart of the North Island pasturelands. You can also get a literal taste of the North Island at the kiwi and feijua fruit farm and savor the sweet, succulent juices provided by the nutritious fruits.

If shearing sheep and tasting fruit just simply isn’t enough of an adventure, there is an entirely separate adrenaline-fueled side to the Agrodome. Visitors can famously “zorb” down a long, grassy hill, which essentially means standing in a large plastic ball and rolling yourself down a hill. There’s also the option to take a ride on the cheek-flapping swing bridge or go “flying” inside of a wind tunnel, and visitors can go bungy jumping directly on the working sheep farm.
Adresse: Western Road, Ngongotaha, Rotorua, New Zealand
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