Campo de' Fiori

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Whereas most of us know the term “piazza” roughly equates to a public square, we may not immediately think the same thing when we see “campo” - especially if we know that means “field” in Italian. But Rome’s Campo de’ Fiori - literally, “field of flowers” - is a square in the historic center of the city.

The name refers to a time when this was actually a field of flowers, but it also hints at one of the main attractions of the Campo de’ Fiori - the outdoor market. Each morning, the square fills with vendors selling fruit, vegetables, and flowers. It’s a genuine market for Romans to do their shopping, but it’s also a tourist attraction - so the prices have gone up accordingly over the years, driving many Romans to shop elsewhere. The scenery of an outdoor market in a pretty public square, however, is still lovely and worth getting up early.

The Campo de’ Fiori burns the candle at both ends. Despite an early rise for the market, it’s also hopping with activity late into the night (especially during the high tourist season) as a gathering place for young travelers.
Adresse: Piazza Campo De Fiori, Rome, Province of Rome 00186, Italia
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