With a prime position in the foothills of the mighty Mont Blanc and with access to some of the best ski terrain in the French Alps, Megève is one of France’s most famous winter resorts. More than 290km of downhill runs and around 80km of cross-country trails, one of France’s largest ski schools and excellent facilities make Megève a top choice for both first-timers and experienced skiers, and it’s lavish reputation has made it a favorite haunt of wealthy Europeans, celebrities and royals. 

Dotted with rustic ski lodges and romantic chalets, Megève is undeniably atmospheric during the winter, with its historic buildings gleaming with fairy lights and horse-drawn carriages trotting down the cobblestone streets. Visit in the summer and it’s equally attractive, with a lively weekly market, a popular spa resort, and opportunities for hiking, mountain biking and horse riding.

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Megève is located close to Mont Blanc in the Rhône-Alpes region of France. 

Adresse: Rhône-Alpes, France, Frankrike
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