Kritinia Castle

Looming 131 meters above the village of Kritinia and staring out across the Mediterranean, Kritinia Castle is one of Rhodes’ finest examples of medieval architecture. Commissioned by the Knights of Saint John, the castle was originally split onto three levels, with each floor belonging to a different Grand Master. Built in 1472, the remaining ruins of the castle show elements of Byzantine and Venetian style, and the interiors house the remnants of a chapel. Nearby, the 16th century monastery of St Ioannis is even more impressive, famed for its series of beautifully preserved wall paintings. 

Reached by an easy uphill walk from the main road, Kritinia Castle is the undisputed highlight of the eponymous village, offering spectacular views across the Aegean Sea from its cliff top vantage point. Open to the public 24 hours a day, the castle lookout makes a popular spot for watching the sunrise or sunset, or else time your visit for the annual Medieval Rose Festival in June, when the castle hosts the lively closing ceremony. 
Adresse: Hellas
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