Acropolis of Lindos

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One of Rhodes’ three most prominent ancient cities, the site of Ancient Lindos lies 45km south of modern day Rhodes city, making a popular attraction for those intrigued by the history of ancient Greece. Founded by the Dorians in 10th century BC, Lindos was once a major trading center connecting Greece to the Middle East, before falling into decline after the city of Rhodes was established in the fifth century.

Today, the modern town of Lindos has grown up in the shadow of the acropolis and a 14th century medieval castle surrounds the ruins of the ancient citadel, keeping watch over the town from its dramatic clifftop perch. Standing proud atop the 116-meter tall rock, the remains of the acropolis include the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia, dating back to around 300BC; parts of the 20-columned Hellenistic stoa; and a 5th-century BC propylaeum (temple entrance). Outside of the castle walls, the dilapidated remains of an ancient theater hint at a former 1,800 capacity auditorium, although all that is left is a mere section of seating. 
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