Cayambe Volcano

The majestic snow-hatted peak of Cayambe Volcano serves as a dramatic backdrop to the Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve and at a dizzying 5,790 meters, it’s Ecuador’s third-highest peak. Cayambe’s real claim to fame is its unique location – the highest mountain and only volcano in the world whose summit is crossed by the Equator line. 

Scaling one of Cayambe’s three summits has become a popular challenge for mountaineers, but its difficult terrain and glacial passes means it’s a technical hike unsuitable for beginners. For most visitors, the best way to enjoy a view of Cayambe is by hiking, mountain-biking or horse riding through the scenic foothills of the surrounding Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve.

Practical Info

Cayambe Volcano is located 70km northeast of Quito.
Adresse: Ecuador
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