Cooloola Recreation Area

Massive sand dunes, rocky cliffs, saltwater beaches, thick wooded forests, wildflower patches and freshwater lakes make Cooloola Recreation Area the perfect place to escape the bustle of Queensland and get back to nature. From family-friendly tent camps to remote bush sites, Cooloola offers travelers a low-key, high-quality Outback experience that’s certain to be a trip highlight.

Miles of walking trails and hiking passes wind through Cooloola. Visitors can spend a few hours trekking along one of the circuits, or take an overnight hike to one of the park’s scenic overlooks. But perhaps the most popular activity in Cooloola Recreation Area is canoeing on the upper Noosa River. A number of popular routes link visitors to campsites, fishing points and hiking paths, where wildlife viewing is at its peak.

Practical Info

Cooloola Recreation Area is located north of Brisbane between the coastal towns of Noosa Heads and Rainbow Beach. Four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended and access permits are required on beaches and some inland roads. A Noosa River ferry operates daily between 5:30 a.m. and 10 p.m. and allows access to the beach and Noosa North Shore. 
Adresse: Cooloola Recreation Area, Cooloola, Queensland, Australia
Åpningstider: Daily
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