This breathtaking waterfall is one of Puerto Rico’s top attractions thanks to its natural beauty, spectacular views, and cool waters that are perfect for a refreshing dip. A short three-minute walk from a public parking lot, a steep but well-marked trail takes visitors up a winding hill to the fall’s first tier. Travelers warn that while the trek is quick, water shoes or hiking boots are a must for rocky terrain. 

An easier concrete walkway leads a second tier where a rope swing and towering cliffs offer opportunities for thrill seekers and adventures to dive into the falls far below. Visitors can swim in the Gozalandia’s natural pools and even duck into a nearby cave to escape the sun. The fall’s beauty and natural surroundings make it worth visiting for a few hours or an entire day. 

Practical Info

These hidden waterfalls are located about 45 minutes east of Rincon, just north of San Sebastian. Travelers can take Route 115 northeast to Route 111 east. From there, switch to 446 north before turning right to a gate that leads to the trail. Parking is about $5 per vehicle.

Adresse: Route 446, San Sebastian 00685, Puerto Rico
Adgang: $5 for parking
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