Crashboat Beach

Once the site of a military port that rescued downed aircrews, Cashboat Beach has since become a favorite ocean-side destination for travelers to northwest Puerto Rico. Clear turquoise waters and calm surf make it an ideal spot for families with small children, but visitors say the picturesque shores of Crashboat are perfect for just about any traveler.

It’s easy to spend a day relaxing on the sands of this quiet beach, with rocky cliffs perfect for jumping into refreshing waters. But visitors agree it’s worth staying until sunset, when the bright red sun tucks behind the deep blue ocean and local vendors come out to prepare traditional food over open fires. Crashboat attracts plenty of out-of-towners on holiday, but it’s the perfect beach for visitors looking to interact with locals and get a taste of contemporary Puerto Rican life, too. 

Practical Info

Crashboat Beach is located in northwestern Puerto Rico in the municipality of Aguadilla. Travelers can access the beach by taking PR-107 to PR-458.

Adresse: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
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