Capitol Building

This classic capitol in the heart of San Juan is home to the Legislative Assembly, House or Representatives, the Senate and a whole lot of Puerto Rican history. Visitors to this regal site, which officially opened in 1907, will find massive marble columns, ornate stonework and a brightly colored capitol dome, in addition to the Architecture and Construction Archives of the University of Puerto Rico. These include rare ink and cloth sketches, as well as the original 38 blue print plans for the structure. Visitors say this classic building is a major departure from the rest of the old city, but a few hours wandering the halls, learning about Puerto Rican history and politics is a worthy addition to any San Juan visit.

Practical Info

The Capitol is located in the Puerta de Tierra section of San Juan.  The address is 1 Democracy Square. Guided tours are available by appointment.
Adresse: 1 Democracy Square, San Juan, Puerto Rico
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