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Karlstejn Castle

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The Gothic Karlstejn Castle sits high atop a hill, looming over the village of the same name 18 miles southwest of Prague. Charles IV, King of Bohemia, founded the castle in 1348 as a kind of safe for the Imperial Regalia and for his personal collection of crown jewels and holy relics.

The castle’s medieval turrets, towers and high walls evoke a fairy-tale ambiance and make it one of the Czech Republic’s most visited attractions. A visit to the castle is an easy, and very popular, day-trip from Prague – in the summer months the volume of visitors crowding the castle grounds can get somewhat overwhelming. Trains leave roughly every hour from Prague’s main train station (hlavní nádraží) and take around 35-40 minutes to reach the village of Karlstejn. From the train station, it takes about 30 minutes to walk uphill to the castle.

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Privat utflukt: halvdagstur fra Praha til Karlstejn-borgen

I løpet av denne 5 timer lange halvdagsturen fra Praha tas du til Karlstejn-borgen, en av de mest berømte borgene i Tsjekkia og som tidligere ...  Mer informasjon

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