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Castle District (Hradcany)

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One of Prague’s most visited attractions and the largest ancient castle in the world, Prague Castle (Pražský Hrad) is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, but the vast complex is made up of much more than just the castle. A distinctive part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Prague, the Hradcany, or Castle District, includes some the city’s finest works of architecture.

The hilltop castle stands proud in the center, a 7-hectare complex that includes the magnificent gothic St Vitus Cathedral, the Royal Riding School, the 10th century Basilica of St George and the medieval houses of Golden Lane, the former goldsmith’s district. A collection of grand palaces are also dotted around the castle district, including Archbishop's Palace, the Czernin Palace, the Martinez Palace and the Tuscan Palace, along with the Sternberg Palace, now the Museum of Military History, and the Scwarzenberg Palace, now home to part of the National Gallery.

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