Lipowiec Castle

Lipowiec Castle, dating back to the 13th century, is located outside of Krakow, Poland. It was built to provide protection along the trade route from Krakow to Silesia. In the early 19th century, a fire broke out in the castle causing great damage to the inside and the roof. Unfortunately the castle was never fully restored to its medieval state. The ruins that stand today are now a protected monument, and partial reconstruction aimed at preserving the castle and keep it from further ruin. 

In the castle museum, visitors can learn about the castle's history as a fortification and prison. You can also climb the tower and admire the views of the surrounding forest, countryside, and open air museum of the ethnographic park. In the open air museum, you can explore 20 different cultural exhibits. A reconstructed peasant village shows what the area might have looked like in the past. You can see wooden houses, a manor house, places of worship, huts, a tavern, mills, and a workshop. 

Practical Info

Lipowiec Castle is located at ul. Podzamcze 1 in Babice, which is 25 miles from Krakow. Opening hours are 8am to 6pm April to September and 8am to 3pm October to March. Admission is 6 PLN. 
Adresse: ul. Podzamcze 1, Babice, Poland, Polen
Åpningstider: Open 8am to 6pm April to September and 8am to 3pm October to March
Adgang: 6 PLN
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