Phuket Town Night Market

Whether it’s traditional Thai crafts, inexpensive shoes or street-fried crickets and crispy silver fish, the Phuket Town Night Market is home to all of the energy, smells, tastes and sounds that make this province one of the most-visited in the country. In a region full of vibrant life, the night market is where travelers can really feel the energy of the place.

Spend the evening sampling the best of Thai street food: refreshing papaya salad, sweet slices of toast with thick condensed milk, authentic pad Thai, or one of the flash-fried insects some would only eat on a dare. Then wander through the hundreds of tarp-covered stalls selling handmade jewelry, locally woven fabrics, statues of Buddha or discounted clothing.

Practical Info

The main Night Market is located on Wai-Rat-Hong-Yuk Road in Kamala near the Central Festival. It is open on Saturday and Sunday through most of the night. Vendors expect buyers to barter, but only Thais tend to walk away with the best price.
Adresse: Kamala, Thailand
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