Freedom Beach

Not far from the electric energy of the ever-popular Patong lies the small 300-meter shore of Freedom Beach—a quiet gem of a destination on Phuket’s west coast. Hop aboard a traditional long-tail boat at the southern end of Patong Beach and enjoy the cool breeze of a peaceful 10-minute ride to what many say feels like a remote island shore.

Sunbathers can stretch out on pristine beaches and relax in the sand surrounded by scenic tropical hills, while more active sorts can play beach soccer or snorkel in the crystal clear and always warm waters that wash Freedom’s shore.

Practical Info

Roundtrip boat rides to Freedom Beach are offered on a sliding scale, between 1,000 and 1,500 baht. The beach is also accessible by car, with a public parking lot a short—but challenging—walk from the bay near Avista Hideaway Resort. Locals keep watch on the lot and charge about 100 baht to park.
Adresse: Phuket, Thailand
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