Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul

Set on the east corner of Logan Circle, this elegant 1864 cathedral is the largest Catholic Church in Pennsylvania and the largest brownstone structure in Philadelphia. Built at the height of anti-Catholic fervor in the city, the unusually high windows of this Roman-Corinthian church were designed to discourage stone-throwing and other acts of vandalism. 

Prominent local architect Napoleon LeBrun designed the 2,000-seat basilica and its Palladian facade, and interior frescoes were painted by Constantino Brumidi, an artist famous for his work in the U.S. Capitol Building.  The crypt beneath the main altar contains the remains of Philadelphia’s bishops and archbishops, the first of whom died in 1810.

Adresse: 1723 Race Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103, USA
Åpningstider: Mon-Fri 7:30am–4pm; Sat 9am-5:15pm; Sun 8am–6:30pm
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