Roman Theater (Nabataean Theater)

Contrary to its name, the Roman Theater (Nabataean Theater) was built by the Nabataeans years before the Romans entered Petra. The 2,000-year-old theater was carved into the rock, destroying pre-existing caves and tombs along the way. When the Romans annexed Petra in 106 AD, they expanded the Hellenistic amphitheater to accommodate some 8,500 people, slicing through even more tombs to make room for seats. 

While the theater was damaged by an earthquake in 363 AD, it remains one of the most popular sites in Petra. Visitors can still see remains of tombs along the back of the theater.

Practical Info

The Roman Theater can be found carved into the mountain at the base of the High Place of Sacrifice.
Adresse: Wadi Musa, Jordan
Adgang: Admission to Petra starts at 50 JD
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