Mugler Follies Cabaret

Moulin Rouge, Le Lido, Paradis Latin-- these historic cabarets still light up the night in Paris, but there's a newcomer to the city’s nighttime entertainment scene. Legendary fashion designer Thierry Mugler and his sizzling Mugler Follies show have breathed new life into this tried and true Parisian tradition.

Anyone familiar with the flamboyant designs of this forward-thinking designer will recognize his style as it moves from the runway to the stage. With a blank slate for his new project, Mugler was free to reinvent the cabaret genre with a modern edge that sports hints of sci-fi style.

Amid the story of a girl chasing her dreams is a nonstop feast for the senses—the costumes, makeup and lighting each play off of one another in brilliant ways, while the dancing, acrobatics and songs provide an artistic twist. Since its opening in December 2013, Mugler Follies has delighted audiences with its whimsical display of wonder and glamour.

Adresse: 4, Boulevard de Strasbourg, Paris, France 75010, Frankrike
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