Hard Rock Cafe Paris

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A rock music temple if there ever was one, the Hard Rock brand doesn’t require an introduction; not with 170 establishments worldwide! Both a restaurant, a bar and a museum, this peculiar Paris attraction has been drawing in rock music aficionados for over two decades now, thanks to an impressive collection of authentic memorabilia and mouth-watering American-themed menu (something seldom found in grands chefs-driven Paris). Loud rock music, a relaxed atmosphere, original cocktails and humongous quantities of food await at Paris’ most American institution.

Golden records, guitars, costumes and other iconic memorabilia can be found at the restaurant’s two-floor museum. Some of the most popular items include Jimmy Hendrix’s paisley jacket, Whitney Houston’s gown, AC/DC’s Angus Young’s iconic school boy costume, John Lennons’s fox coat, Trent Reznor’s broken Gibson Les Paul guitar, Eminem’s overalls, to name a few. The brand’s most loyal fans will certainly want to stop at the restaurant’s gift shop, where they will be able to extend their pin collection (a popular tradition for Hard Rock fans is to get a guitar-shaped pin every time they visit a new location) with one from Paris.
Adresse: 14 Boulevard Montmartre, Paris, France, Frankrike
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For en smak av rock'n roll i City of Lights, gå til Hard Rock Cafe Paris. Bypass den lange køen på denne populære themedrestauranten med pass-over-passet. Velg mellom en to- eller tre-retters meny med klassisk amerikansk mat som burgere og grillkylling, og spis blant autentiske musikalske memorabilia fra rocklegenden.
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