Cachoeira Toboga

This incredible waterfall in the heart of the rainforest is just 30 minutes outside Paraty. Its one-of-a-kind natural waterslide sends travelers shooting down slippery rocks into a warm water pool. Expert guides can help visitors navigate the best (and safest) rocky crags, but it is possible to venture to Cachoeira without taking a tour. Spend some time splashing around this unique destination, then head to nearby Bar Tarzan, where an old creaky bridge leads to cold beers, delicious snacks and the perfect place to unwind.

Practical Info

Cachoeira Toboga is accessible via private taxi from the Historical center for about 40 reals. Travelers can also catch the less expensive local bus to Penha, or minivans that leave from the vacant lot across from the public bus station.
Adresse: Cachoeira Toboga, Brasil
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