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San Blas Islands

The San Blas Islands are a collection of 378 tropical islands off the coast of Panama, most of which are tiny and can be circumnavigated in only a few minutes. They belong to the indigenous Kuna people and are a paradise for beach lovers and anthropologists alike. The islands are an autonomous region and the Kuna still fiercely adhere to their ancestral traditions. Far off the backpacker trails, they are a place where visitors can play Robinson Crusoe for a while and delve into a pre-colonial culture among swaying palm trees, white sandy beaches and azure waters. Only 49 islands are inhabited and there is no electricity, no traffic, no big hotel complexes and most importantly, no stress. Accommodations are very basic and you likely won’t find anything more fancy than little bamboo bungalows with sand floors. Since life on the San Blas Islands is simple and happens more slowly, travelers come here to mostly do nothing for a few days.

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