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Mercato di Capo

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One of the best ways to get to know a city is through its food and markets. Mercato di Capo, located near the old city walls, is one of the best markets in Palermo, Italy on the island of Sicily. The stalls in this market sell a wide variety of food including local specialties, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish. The vendors selling local delicacies can be found along Via Volturno. Non-food items can also be found here, such as clothing and souvenirs. When you walk through the market, you will hear vendors yelling or chanting in their Palermo dialect as they try to sell their goods.

It is said that the sounds, smells, and sights of this market are some of the best preserved of Sicily's Arab traditions. The market dates back to the times when there was a lot of Muslim influence in this port city, and it has become an important part of the culture. Exploring and shopping at this market is the perfect way to experience Palermo with all your senses.

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Hopp-på-hopp-av-tur i Palermo sentrum

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Med en hopp-på-hopp-av-tur i Palermo får du et flott besøk i byen. Turen starter fra terminalen utenfor Politeama-teateret, der du kan kikke ut ...  Mer informasjon

  • Sted: Palermo, Italia
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