Viking Ship Museum

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Set on Oslo’s Bygdoy Peninsula, the Viking Ship Museum houses an extensive collection of Viking-era artifacts discovered around Oslo Fjord. The museum is best known for its Viking ships, which have been painstakingly reconstructed and elegantly displayed in pristine white galleries.
The Basics
Keep an eye out for the three ninth-century Viking-age longboats, which were excavated in Southern Norway after centuries of being buried in peat. View the Gokstad Viking Ship, a well-preserved Viking ship built around AD 890, and the Oseberg boat, which features exceptional woodwork and is believed to have been constructed purposefully for the burial of wealthy Vikings.

Most city tours feature a visit to the Viking Ship Museum, including hop-on hop-off bus tours and Oslo walking tours. Many excursions combine a museum visit with stops at other city highlights, such as Akershus Fortress, Vigeland Sculpture Park, and Oslo City Hall. The Oslo Pass includes admission to the Viking Ship Museum and is a good option if you’d rather visit independently. 
Things to Know Before You Go
  • The Viking Ship Museum offers free audio guides in English. 
  • There are no restaurants on-site, so be sure to eat before you arrive.
  • The museum and its exhibit halls are wheelchair accessible.
  • Entrance to the Viking Ship Museum also includes access to the Norwegian ethnographic collection in the Museum of Cultural History, where artifacts include Egyptian mummies and medieval decorative arts.
How to Get There
The Viking Ship Museum is located outside Oslo’s city center and is easily accessible by bus or ferry. Organized tours offer an easy way to visit and allow you to avoid the hassle of navigation. 
When to Get There
Open year-round, the Viking Ship Museum has longer hours in the summer to accommodate a spike in tourism. Opt for an early morning or late afternoon visit to avoid crowds. 
Nearby Attractions
Make the most of your time in the Bygdoy area with visits to the nearby Fram Museum, Norsk Folkmuseum, and The Kon-Tiki Museum—all located within a 10-minute walk of each other.
Adresse: Huk Aveny 35, 0287, Oslo, Norge
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