Kuromon Ichiba Market

Nicknamed “Osaka’s kitchen,” the Kuromon Ichiba Market caters to the city’s chefs. Every day, cooks from well-known -- and hole-in-the-wall -- restaurants scurry through the 600 meter-long market’s 170 food stalls purchasing fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, herbs, and more to prep their kitchens. 

Originally, the market was known as “Emmiji Market,” named after a nearby temple. Over time, locals began referencing the market in regards to a large black gate that rested near it and the temple. Eventually, the translation for “Black Gate Market” stuck, and that’s how Kuromon Ichiba Market got its name. 

Although the market caters to the restaurant industry, the general public is welcome. Locals and tourists alike walk the length of the Kuromon Ichiba to experience shopping in Osaka’s Kitchen. The market has everything from fresh sea urchin and puffer fish to dried scallops, artisanal mocha, and ready-to-eat kabob meats. The market boasts many high-quality restaurants, as well, that serve local Osaka dishes like okonomiyaki – a savory pancake. 

Practical Info

The individual food stalls have their own operating hours. The market is located a short walk from Nippombashi Station on the Sakaisuji Line of the Osaka Subway or Kintetsu Nippombashi Station on the Kintetsu lines. There are ‘rest stops’ along the long market with bathrooms, sitting areas, and even free wifi. These make for great places to enjoy snacks purchased from the vendors.
Adresse: 1-15-6 Nippombashi, Osaka, Kansai 542-0073, Japan
Åpningstider: Different for each stall
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