America Mura

If you want to put your finger on the pulse of Osaka street culture, plan to spend an evening wandering the streets of America Mura, a district near Shinsaibashi. In the 1970s, the neighborhood began filling up with shops selling imported goods from the United States, earning it the name America Mura, or “American Village.”

Today, America Mura serves as one of Osaka’s prime fashion centers, a place where the city’s youth congregates, often sporting some of Japan’s more creative fashions. A collection of record stores, vintage clothing shops and boutiques sell a little bit of everything, from J-pop club wear to gothic styles, but the main appeal of the area is the opportunity it provides for people-watching.

America Mura is at its most lively at night, when the bars, clubs, live music venues and street food stalls open up. Visitors will find takoyaki (octopus balls), a popular Osaka street food, throughout the neighborhood.
Adresse: Shinsaibashi District, Osaka, Japan
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