Al Hazm Castle

Al Hazm Castle is an impressive structure—one of the best examples of Islamic architecture in Oman. It is known as one of the most famous historical landmarks in the country and was built by Imam Sultan bin Seif II (whose tomb is still within the fort walls) in the early 18th century. 

Approaching the castle, visitors are led to a massive wooden door, intricately carved with script and design. The roof of Al Hazm is uniquely held by columns, as opposed to the traditional wooden supports. On the exterior, there are two fortified towers to see, along with a collection of artillery and cannons. Inside there are the grand living quarters of the Imam, including a kitchen, a courtyard, and a madrassah—a Qur’anic school. The castle is on the tentative list for inclusion as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Adresse: Ar Rustaq, Oman
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