Constitution Garden

Designed by Juan Pelaez de Berrio, this popular town center has been attracting locals and travelers since it first opened back in 1529. The lively town square, known as Constitution Garden, has become a gathering space for those looking to find respite from the hustle of Oaxaca’s streets. Cobblestone sidewalks and a pristine marble fountain lend a touch of old world charm to this urban green space, and easy access to several museums, galleries and shops make it the perfect place to circle up before exploring city streets.

Travelers in search a slice of local life will find it at Constitution Gardens, where street vendors gather to sell fresh local fare, and a central bandstand framed with laurel trees proves the ideal stage for live music, including the state’s own marimba band. 

Practical Info

Several traditional festivals take place here throughout the year, including Mexican Independence day on September 15; Christmas Eve and December 23, known as the Night of the Radish. It is located between Hidalgo, Trujano, Flores Magon and Bustamante Streets. 
Adresse: Reforma s/n esq. Constitución, Oaxaca, Mexico
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