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Waikiki pretty much embodies the ancient spirit of aloha: oceanfront high rises, white sand beaches, world-class dining and some of the world’s best surfing certainly explains the neighborhood’s alluring magnetism. The name Waikiki as such means spouting fresh water in the native Hawaiian language; it refers to the streams and springs that formerly fed the wetlands separating Waikiki from the interior. Once a playground for Hawaiian royalty, and now a playground for the rich and famous of the entire planet, Waikiki has become one of the most iconic beaches in the world and draws millions of visitors every year – and with most hotel rooms being just a block or two from the ocean, it’s easy to understand why.

But more than just glitz and glory, Waikiki is really mostly about surf. What could possibly be most picturesque than learning the basics of surfing at the foot of Diamond Head State Monument and by boys who were taught everything they know by local celebrity.

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