Whangaroa Harbour

Whangaroa Harbour is a coastal town that defines the beauty of the Northland.
Quieter than Paihia in the Bay of Islands and set amidst rolling green hills, Whangaroa Harbour is a laidback retreat full of anglers, hikers, and divers. The fishing here in this protected harbor is some of the best in New Zealand, and famous dive sites like the Rainbow Warrior are located just offshore. For a land based adventure overlooking the water, the trail to the top of “Duke’s Nose” offers sweeping views of the harbor, and provides a way to summit the rocks that tower above the town. Dine on a bowl of fresh fish chowder or sip coffee while strolling the docks, and then make your way to a nearby beach such as Taupo or Matauri Bay. Here you’ll find long, white sand beaches facing the turquoise coast, and a surprising lack of visitors and crowds for such a beautiful part of the world.

Practical Info

Whangaroa Harbour is 45 minutes north of Paihia and 30 minutes north of Kerikeri. The weather is comfortable and mild year round, though the water is calmest and warmest for diving from the months of December-March.
Adresse: North Island, New Zealand, New Zealand
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