Ocean Drive

The breathtaking Newport shoreline unfolds on the Ocean Drive, a 10-mile scenic cruise along Newport’s southern coast. Along the drive you’ll pass Gooseberry Beach, Hazards Beach, Castle Hill Inn, and Green Bridge. The winding road also passes Ida Lewis Yacht Club, Hammersmith Farm (where President Kennedy held his wedding reception in 1953), and the Museum of Yachting.

Popular stops along the way include Brenton Point State Park, where you can picnic, sip lemonade, soak up the ocean views, and hear the waves crashing against the rocks. Fort Adams State Park is another favorite stop, most notable for its myriad outdoor activities and as the site for the Newport Folk and Newport Jazz festivals. For more swimming and sunbathing, check out Gooseberry Beach, the drive’s the only public beach.
Adresse: Ocean Ave and Coggleshall Ave, Newport, RI, USA
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